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Wasabos are a brand of potato chips.


Wasabos are wasabi flavored potato chips. They come in individual and share sizes. The chips are very popular among the Pootatuck Middle School faculty and staff, as they complained when the vending machine in teacher's lounge ran out.


The chips come in a bag that is red, orange, yellow, and green. Images of a bowl of wasabi and chips are also featured on the bag. The slogan can be seen in the bottom left corner of the package.


Adopt a Flour Baby Thing!

Mrs. Martin uses these chips in her chocolate chip potato chip cookies for the Pootatuck bake sale.

Fenwick and Crispo make a bet on who can keep their flour baby intact the longest, but because Fenwick is allergic to wheat, he gets a bag of Wasabos in lieu of a bag of flour. Mr. Bored sees Fenwick with the bag of chips and relays how he also enjoys them. Later, when the teacher's lounge at Pootatuck runs out of Wasabos, Mr. Bored, Coach LeBeau, and Mr. Bandt try to get Fenwick to share his bag. He refuses, however, since he wants to win the bet with Crispo.

Become a Millionaire and Give It All Away Thing!

An individual size bag of Wasabos can be seen on Mr. Bored's desk.

Leave Your Mark Thing!

An individual size bag of Wasabos can be seen on Mr. Bored's desk.

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