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Totally Awesome Girl is a type of comic.


Not much is known about Totally Awesome Girl except that it most likely follows the adventures of a super hero named Totally Awesome Girl. It is available in digital and print formats. It costs $3.99, as seen on CJ's tablet.


Find Your Super Power Thing!

CJ reads a Totally Awesome Girl comic on a tablet. Later, after struggling to find her own super power, or what makes her special, CJ has a daydream where she is a super hero name Totally Average Girl and wears an outfit similar to Totally Awesome Girl's.

Get the Most Out of a Sick Day Thing!

Totally Awesome Girl is one of the comics CJ's parents place on her bedside table for her entertainment since she is sick.

Known pages

The first panel says, "Totally Awesome Girl walks the halls of her school." In the second panel, she notices ninjas behind her and in the third panel, she faces them and says, "Ninjas? At my school?" A ninja tries to attack her from behind with a star in the fourth panel. She stops his attack in the fifth panel by using lasers from her eyes to destroy the star, saying, "Thanks, but I'm the star around here!" In the sixth panel, she uses her laser eyes on the ninja and tells him, "Looks like you're gonna be late for history class!"

Episode appearances


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