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Sir Soaky's Typhoon Splash City Water Park Lagoon, or Sir Soaky's for short, is a popular water park. Its mascot is a shark named Soaky.


Sir Soaky's mascot is a shark named Soaky. Soaky can be seen tripping and falling in various commercials for the business. There are many tall slides at the water park, some of which lead into a pool. The commercials guarantee viewers that they will get wet if they choose to attend.

Visitors also have a choice of getting pictures taken with Soaky the shark.

Known visitors


Become a Millionaire and Give It All Away Thing!

Sir Soaky's is introduced as one of the prizes students can exchange their Pootabucks for. This is one of the prizes many students would like to earn, but no one could ever manage, so CJ and eight of her friends decide to pool their money together so they can go. All of the Pootatuck seventh graders get a chance to attend the park after CJ, Fenwick, Crispo, and Mr. Roberts find Alfred J. McSorely's million dollar Pootabucks stash.

Episode appearances


  • Soaky the Shark was also used in Big Time Rush, another Scott Fellows production.



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