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Scott Stottle is a minor character in the series. He was the previous Pootatuck Middle School mascot, Pootie. He is portrayed by Mads Finegan-Smith.


It can be assumed that because he was able to become the new school mascot, he most likely had school spirit. He shows politeness when he thanks CJ after she helps him up when he falls. Scott seems to follow the rules, seeing as he did not take off his mascot head because he was not allowed to in order to eat. He also seems to be generous, as he offered CJ his brownie when he could have saved it for himself at a later time.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


Say Yes to Everything for a Day Thing!

Scott is introduced as the new Pootatuck bear mascot. He can barely see anything out of the costume and is always crashing into objects and people. He finally can't take being the mascot anymore, saying it is evil, and quits.


  • Scott's actor is credited as Mads Avery Finegan Smith.

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