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"Run with the Bears Thing!" is the third episode in the first season of 100 Things to Do Before High School. It first aired June 6, 2015 on Nickelodeon.


The trio of friends set out to conquer each of their biggest fears; CJ tries to talk to her 8th grade crush; Crispo confronts his fear of snakes; Fenwick must face his fear of running through the halls with the Pootatuck Bears basketball team.[2]


CJ has trouble starting a conversation with a boy and Fenwick and Crispo think it is because she is afraid. Crispo suggests they try to conquer their fears and while CJ supports this idea, Fenwick is reluctant to partake because he thinks fears are necessary. Crispo offers to help Fenwick conquer his fear of running with the Bears, a Pootatuck ritual where the basketball team stampedes through the halls.

At home, CJ tells her family about her fear of talking to her crush, who she calls Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy. She is determined to talk to him in the morning, but backs out at the last minute. Fenwick and Crispo see her failure, and Crispo hands her a pair of binoculars, telling her to learn everything she can about her crush so she can conquer her fear of talking to him. CJ likes the idea and uses the binoculars. Crispo tries to help Fenwick conquer his fear, and says he has no fears when asked. Fenwick challenges him, however, and brings up snakes. They go to a classroom with a snake and Crispo holds it, thinking that if he got over his own fear, Fenwick would also.

CJ continues to learn what she can about Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy while he stops at his locker. Fenwick and Crispo meet up with her and when Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy unknowingly leaves his locker open, they encourage CJ to go through it. She is hesitant at first, but finally decides to look inside and learns about some of his interests. When Gorgeous Eighth Boy is coming back to his locker for a book, CJ hides inside of it. Fenwick and Crispo distract the eighth grader so CJ can get away, but she is locked in. As Mr. Roberts is passing by, he hears noises coming from the locker and opens it, taking CJ back to his office to reprimand her. She tells him about how she is trying to conquer her fear of talking to Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy, so he gives her the boy's schedule.

Her family helps her come up with a plan so she can successfully talk to her crush. CJ dresses up based on his interests and is about to start a conversation with him, but is interrupted by eighth grade girls. She is stunned by this and makes no moves to follow, but Fenwick and Crispo give her a push to continue. She chases after the group, but gets self-conscious when standing in front of them and runs away. Crispo succeeds in helping Fenwick train to run a certain distance in a certain time so he can keep up with the basketball team.

Mr. Roberts encourages CJ to continue trying to get over her fears and tells her to never be afraid to ask for help. Fenwick and Crispo run by and CJ gets a new idea for getting Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy alone so she can talk to him since he is usually with his friends. Crispo scares some of Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy's friends away with the snake from earlier, and Fenwick angers his other friend by mocking him. Mr. Roberts then directs the boy out into the courtyard where CJ approaches him. He recognizes her as the girl who doesn't talk from before and she manages to start a conversation. When he leaves, Fenwick, Crispo, and Mr. Roberts celebrate, but she reminds them they still have to help Fenwick get over his fear.

CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo run with the Bears, but Fenwick trips, causing the team to crash in to each other. The players get injured and have to forfeit the next few games.


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Notable Dialogue

CJ's voice-over: Fear. It's unavoidable.
[Mrs. Martin notices CJ staring off]
Mrs. Martin: What's his name?
CJ: Gah! Who? What?
Mrs. Martin: What's the name of the boy you're clearly thinking about?
CJ: Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy.
Ronbie: Good name.
Mrs. Martin: You should talk to him.
CJ: I know, I'm just...a little scared.
Ronbie: Boooo. [Mrs. Martin smacks his arm]
Mrs. Martin: Oh, honey, it's perfectly normal to be scared like this.
CJ's voice-over: I have to admit, it's nice to know that everyone has some kind of fear.
[CJ walks toward Gorgeous Eighth Grade with the intention of talking to him, but quickly hides in the courtyard]
Fenwick: Boo.
Crispo: Now it's time to go binoculars.
CJ: Okay, why?
Crispo: Because, fear is a behavioral response to a perceived danger and the inability to control the unknown.
Fenwick: Right. What?
Crispo: The more you learn about your fear, the less scary it is.
Fenwick: Uh, why are you smart now?
Crispo: I told you, I'm the fear helper. And I looked it up online. Then I wrote it on my arm. [pulls back his sleeve to show his arm]
CJ: Smart.
Crispo: Oh, and on this arm I wrote, [pulls back the sleeve on his other arm] "Help Fenwick run with the Bears."
Crispo: Now, to run with the Bears, I calculated that you need to get from here to here in 2.9 seconds.
Fenwick: I calculated that.
[CJ peers around a corner at her crush talking to his friends, and Mr. Roberts comes up behind her]
Mr. Roberts: Still scared?
CJ: Aah! Why do people keep doing that?
Mr. Roberts: I guess because we want to help, which is kinda my job.
CJ: [looks back at her crush] He's always surrounded by his friends, so I'm just gonna conquer a different fear. I'm thinking my grandma's clown paintings.
Mr. Roberts: Well, whatever you do, try to remember it's a good thing to face your fears, even if you fail the first few times, because the more you survive them, the less scary they become.
CJ: Really?
Mr. Roberts: And never be afraid to ask for help. That's what friends are for.
CJ's voice-over: The plan worked perfectly, but there was that one last thing.
Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy: Hey, it's you again. The girl that doesn't talk?
[CJ looks over at Fenwick and Crispo, who are watching from a classroom; the two wish her luck and she turns back to her crush]
CJ: That's me!
[the two engage in a conversation]
CJ's voice-over: I was doing it. Girl who doesn't talk got over her fear and talked to Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy. I have no idea what we talked about, but it was the best conversation I ever had.
CJ's voice-over: [CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo run with the Bears down the hallway] So, if you're afraid of something, try to remember you can conquer it. Start by knowing everything about it, and of course, ask your friends to help you get over it. And once you conquer one fear, the others will seem a lot less scary, and you will feel invincible. [a freeze frame of CJ and Fenwick, who both jump in the air, and Crispo is taken] Now, I wish this is where our story ended, but right after this, Fenwick tripped, causing a huge Bear crash and the team had to forfeit the next three games. But let's stick with the happy ending. [the freeze frame is shown again]


  • This episode was filmed in November 2014.[3]
  • The following are entries in Fenwick's fear book:
    • 276 - Aardvarks: Aardvarks are scary! They have long noses and are creepy! I heard they are afraid of little children, so if I play my cards right maybe I can avoid them.
    • 277 - Confined spaces: Confined spaces scare me! I feel like I can't escape!
    • Over-sized marshmallows
  • This is the second episode not to be named after the Thing they are doing on their list. The other episodes are "100 Things to Do Before High School" and "Survive the Virus Attack Trapped in the Last Home Base Station on Earth Thing!"
  • CJ's crush's actual name is never revealed; he is only known as Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy. Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy's friends' names also are not revealed in this episode, but they are credited on IMDb.
    • IMDb is not one of the most reliable sources, however.


Cultural references

  • The music used in Fenwick and Crispo's training montage is the Rocky movie theme.


  • The inside of Fenwick's locker is clearly different from the pilot.
    • It is possible that he redesigned it off-screen, however.
  • When Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy went back to his locker for his book, he can be seen switching between both of his hands to turn the locker dial.


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