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Pop Tiger is a type of magazine.


Not much is known about Pop Tiger except that it is a magazine most likely targeted toward tweens and teens. They also have a website.


Make a New Friend Thing!

CJ shows Fenwick and Crispo a picture of Anthony Del Rey and asks their opinion on his looks. Later, CJ finds out that she and Zelphaba both like Anthony Del Rey after she shows Zelphaba the picture of Anthony in the magazine.

Get the Most Out of a Sick Day Thing!

Pop Tiger is one of the magazines CJ's parents place on her bedside table for her entertainment since she is sick.

Meet Your Idol Thing!

CJ is seen with Pop Tiger magazines and also visits their website for information on meeting Anthony Del Rey.

Known pages and articles

May 2015 issue

  • "What Is Your Signature Style?" quiz
  • "Cara's New Drama!"
  • "Meghan's New Modeling Job"
  • "Casey's Latest Single!"
  • "The Best Cute Pics Inside!"
  • Horoscope section ("Check Out Our New Horoscope Section!")
  • Page with a picture of Anthony Del Rey and his autograph ("Our Favorite New Dream Guy and His Totally Normal Life!")
  • Dating quiz ("Take Our Dating Quiz! Is He Mr. Wrong or Mr. Right?")
  • True or false section

Episode appearances


  • Pop Tiger is a parody of Bop and Tiger Beat magazine.
  • The page with Anthony Del Rey's face and autograph can be seen on a wall in CJ's bedroom.
  • Fenwick is seen with a magazine with "Science Beat" on it, but it is unknown if it was a part of Pop Tiger or not.
  • Pop Tiger has been featured in episodes of Big Time Rush, which was also created by Scott Fellows.



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