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The Pootatuck Middle School computer lab is the room in which students and faculty are free to surf the web. It is room 113.


The computer lab is somewhat small. Table are arranged in a "U" shape and there are two computers per table. There is a printer in the corner of the room. Instructions and rules on how to stay stay when using a computer can be seen on the walls.


Make a New Friend Thing!

Fenwick and Natasha use the computer lab to help them with their problems - Fenwick with making a new friend, and Natasha with learning to drive.


Computer lab student rules

  • Save often.
  • Surf safely.
  • Log off.
  • Don't change settings.
  • Keep area clean.
  • Keep passwords private.

Other rules

  • Put your work away.
  • Gather all of your items.
  • Check under and around your desk for trash.
  • Thank a classmate that helped you.

Episode appearances

Season 1


  • Fenwick used the website Schnooble HOW! to search "how to make new friends." Schnooble is most likely a parody of Google, seeing as it uses the same colors Google does.
  • Schnooble HOW!'s How to Make New Friends! a step-by-step guide to making new friends:
  1. Introduce yourself! An introduction like "Hi, my name is Nicky!" is a simple way to break the ice. Also, show that you are interested in them by asking "What do you do?" or "Do you like sushi?"
  2. Be friendly! Try not to come off as an over bearing jerk. Things like boasting about how much money you have or how popular you are will surely turn people off!
  3. Do something nice for them! Help someone out and they'll return the favor. People appreciate even small gestures [the rest of the guide is unseen].


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