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Natasha Vilavovodovich is a lunch lady and cooking class instructor at Pootatuck Middle School. She is portrayed by Debra Christofferson.



She is from Siberia, which is located in Russia. She recounts stories of her upbringing such as where she has had to survive harsh, freezing temperatures.


Debra Christofferson describes Natasha as a "formidable, dour, no-nonsense Russian with a thick accent."[1]

Episode Appearances

Season 1


Adopt a Flour Baby Thing!

Natasha is introduced in this episode. When the teachers complain to her about the lack of Wasabos in the vending machines, she asks Mr. Roberts to help her calm them down.

Later, CJ has her flour baby taken and realizes that the only place it could be was in the school's kitchen. She finds it in this location, but the door is locked, preventing her from getting it. She knocks on the door and Natasha appears, telling her she was not getting the flour back. CJ recruits Fenwick and Crispo in getting the flour back, and they manage to get into the kitchen, but are thrown out by Natasha before they can get CJ's flour baby. Natasha finally relents and allows CJ to have the flour back.

Make a New Friend Thing!

At lunch, Fenwick asks Lunch Lady Natasha for a center slice of pizza. She gives him a corner piece instead, saying wherever she starts cutting the pizza is the slice he will be given.

Fenwick is using the school computer lab to look up steps on making a new friend. While he is reading, Natasha, who is also using the lab, is clearly agitated and keeps disrupting him. He finally asks her if she needs any assistance and then helps her study to get her driver's license so she does not have to ride the public bus anymore. The next day, Fenwick continues helping Natasha with studying to get her license, and though they are both confident that she will pass the written portion of the test, she tells him she doesn't know how to drive. In order to help her, he gets a driving game video simulator for her to practice.

At the Motor Vehicle Services, Fenwick looks on as Natasha takes her driver's test. Using her knowledge from the video game, she drives erratically, but follows the instructor's rules. Fenwick is unsure that Natasha passed, but the instructor tells him it was some of the best driving he had seen and passes her.

At lunch the next day, Fenwick thinks he is going to get another corner slice of pizza, but Natasha gives him a large center slice.

Have the Best Halloween Ever Thing!

Natasha is one of the school's staff who is upset with Hader getting rid of the Halloween carnival. She helps CJ in secretly bringing the carnival back.

Sit at a Different Lunch Table Thing!

Natasha encourages the students to have a food fight in order to "spice up" the middle of the day. Later, she partakes in CJ and Mindy's plan to get Mindy's mother's ring back from Hader.

Always Tell the Truth (But Not Always) Thing!

Natasha is the cooking class instructor.


  • When she was CJ's age, she asked her mother for a pet goat.
  • She used to ride the bus for two hours in order to get to Pootatuck.


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