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Martha St. Reynolds is a student at Pootatuck Middle School. She is portrayed by Mackenzie Brooke Smith.



Martha enjoys beautifying the school as well as the world and likes making centerpieces.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


Make a New Friend Thing!

Martha is introduced in this episode. She is one of the students CJ considers making her new friend. She likes beautifying the world. When CJ wants to make Martha her new friend, Martha tells her she is too busy beautifying Pootatuck with flower centerpieces, one of which she gives to CJ later in the episode. She is also one of the students who contributes to the rumor that Zelphaba is a witch.

Become a Millionaire and Give It All Away Thing!

Martha is one of the eight people CJ enlists to pool their money together so the nine of them could go to Sir Soaky's Typhoon Splash City Water Park Lagoon.

Leave Your Mark Thing!

Martha joins Crispo, the Froman twins, Aubrey and the Black Lipstick Girls, and Paul in a quest to get their names on a plaque on the school's achievement wall.


  • According to CJ, her popularity level is medium.
  • One of her talents is writing neatly.


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