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Little Tiny Waffles is a brand of cereal.


It is manufactured by Holly Mills. The cereal claims it is an excellent source of fiber and is made with whole grain. Its mascot is a panda. They also have a website.


The cereal box is yellow with the mascot in the lower right corner looking at a bowl of little tiny waffles in the lower left corner. Above this is the cereal's name in red and outlined in white. The nutritional information is on the sides of the box, and for this particular time, contest information takes up the space on the back.


Meet Your Idol Thing!

Crispo enters a commercial contest hosted by Little Tiny Waffles so he can meet Louie Vito.

Episode appearances


  • Little Tiny Waffles is a parody of the Waffle Crisp cereal.
  • Holly Mills is most likely a parody of General Mills.
  • Sugar Frosted Cupcake Crunch is one of its competitors.


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