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Lightning Licano is a student at Pootatuck Middle School. He is portrayed by Phinehas Yoon.



Licano seems to not care about or abide by school rules, as he runs down the hallways whenever he wants.

Episode appearances[]

Season 1[]


Make a New Friend Thing![]

Licano is introduced in this episode. He runs down the halls and is chased by Paul, who can't catch him. Paul then enlists Crispo to help him stop Licano. Paul and Crispo manage to stop Licano in his act of running, but Licano informs them he is faster than the scooters they used to catch up to him. While Paul and Crispo are distracted, he gets away.

Later, he is almost caught by Paul and Crispo when they purchase a cart to chase after him. They crash the cart, however, and he manages to get away.


  • The "Lightning" in his name most likely refers to how fast he is.
  • Paul says he's the fastest kid in Pootatuck's west hallway.
  • He says he goes twenty miles per hour down the halls.


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