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Fenwick's godmother is the godmother of Fenwick Frazier. She is portrayed by Lynda Odums.



She is most likely very close to Fenwick's parents, which is indicated by the fact she was made their son's godmother. Fenwick says she cannot see very well.

Episode appearances

Season 1


Be a Fairy Godmother Thing!

Fenwick's godmother would like to spend more time with him, so he grants her wish and visits her after school.



Fenwick Frazier

Fenwick is shown to deeply care for his godmother, who he refers to as his godnana. She also cares about him, as she wished she could spend more time with him.



Fenwick says that his godmother loves Whiskers and knows how upset she would be is she found out the cat had passed. Whiskers also seems to care about Fenwick's godmother, as he jumps right into her lap when he walks in the house.


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