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Durkin's is a brand of ice cream.


Each carton is 1.5 quarts.


The word Durkin's is on the lid of the carton as well as the front and back. It is in white letters that are outlined in the color blue. Just below this it says Old Fashioned Ice Cream in yellow letters. A picture of a scoop of ice cream and the name of the flavor are beneath this phrase. Every carton of ice cream is customized for the different flavors; for example, chocolate comes in a brown carton and strawberry in a pink carton. The nutritional information is located on the sides of the carton.

Known flavors

  • Rainbow sherbet
  • Chocolate
  • Neapolitan
  • Strawberry


Get the Most Out of a Sick Day Thing!

When CJ begins to feel better after taking cold medicine, she eats some of Durkin's rainbow sherbet ice cream, though Fenwick advises against it. Later, when Crispo gets to CJ's house, he also eats a bowl of Durkin's rainbow sherbet.

Get Your Heart Pre-Broken Thing!

Mrs. Martin gives Ronbie a bowl of Durkin's chocolate ice cream to cheer him up after he goes through a tough a break-up with his girlfriend.

After Fenwick gets rejected by Amy Chu and becomes sad, he goes to Mr. Roberts's office and eats out of a carton of Durkin's Neapolitan ice cream while Mr. Roberts gives him advice.

When Amy chooses to go on a date with Ty Cartwright rather than Dale Stubbs or Fenwick, they both eat Durkin's Neapolitan ice cream in Mr. Roberts's office.

CJ eats out of a carton of Durkin's strawberry ice cream after she realizes she had developed feelings for Crispo, who went on a date with Sylvia Simmons.

Episode appearances


  • Neapolitan is mistakenly spelled Neopolitan on the carton of ice cream.


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