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"Dojo Dave" is a Kung fu class instructor. His class is held in a community center. He is portrayed by Alex Hooper.


Dojo Dave does not appear to be knowledgeable in the martial arts, as he cannot distinguish Kung fu characteristics from karate, nor does he care. He also does not seem to like being corrected. For the most part, he comes across as laid-back.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


Master a Thing Thing!

Mr. Martin gives CJ the idea to try Kung fu when she is stumped on a thing to master. She finds out a class is taking place that night and she and her parents attend. Dojo Dave begins training the white belts, which are the beginners. He stops CJ, a white belt, from joining the orange belts, but gives her the steps to become an orange belt. He graces her with an orange belt after she completes the steps and when she joins the other orange belt wearers, he tells her she has to spar with Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy.


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