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Coach LeBeau is currently a gym teacher and sports coach at Pootatuck Middle School. She is portrayed by Diane Delano.



Coach LeBeau can be loud, which is helpful in her profession. She can be rude to others, but she can be nice to get what she wants. She has also helped Fenwick boost his confidence in preparation for a wrestling match, which shows she can be caring.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


100 Things to Do Before High School

Coach LeBeau tells the students who did not have a signed release form for gym to wait on the bench while the others participated in class.

Say Yes to Everything for a Day Thing!

Coach LeBeau is seen making sure Scott Stottle, the Pootatuck Bear mascot, is fulfilling his duties as the mascot. When he quits, she asks CJ to be the new mascot. As the new mascot, she wants CJ to get people to chant "Go Pooti!" At the end of the episode, she gets teary when CJ manages to get people to chant "Go Pooti!" She says CJ was the first person to accomplish this.

Adopt a Flour Baby Thing!

Coach LeBeau is one of the teachers who is angered by the lack of Wasabos, a popular potato chip brand, in the school. Mr. Bored remembers that Fenwick has a bag of the chips, so he, Mr. Bandt, Coach LeBeau and a few other teachers try to get Fenwick to share them.

Change Your Look and See What Happens Thing!

When she hears Fenwick say he wrestles, she asks him to join the team. Fenwick eventually tells her he lied about being able to wrestle, and she says she knew. She tells him that his brain will beat his opponent's brawn, which gives him confidence to participate in the match. A short time later, however, he gets injured, and she comments on how badly he was in the match.

Find Your Super Power Thing!

Trying to find her super power, or what makes her special, CJ looks into sports. Coach LeBeau tells her to kick a soccer ball into a goal, but CJ misses and accidentally hits Coach LeBeau in the head.

Leave Your Mark Thing!

Coach LeBeau has vigorous strength tests to see who will be added to the Pootatuck Ultimate Fitness Recipient plaque.

Master a Thing Thing!

Coach LeBeau has her classes play dodgeball.


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