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Burt, Gert and Julio are the three fifth graders who go to Pootatuck Elementary School.


Mr. Roberts enters CJ, Fenwick and Crispo's class and asks for a volunteer to show fifth graders around the school, so CJ raises her hand. Mr. Roberts introduces her to Burt, Gert and Julio, who all seem polite at first. When Mr. Roberts leaves to allow CJ to show them around school, they run away from her.

CJ finds the fifth graders running through the halls and manages to corner them in the administration office. They ask about recess and are upset when they learn it is not a part of the middle school curriculum. They then run off again. CJ starts to run after them, but stops when she sees Mr. Roberts, who asks about the fifth graders. She lies about how the tour is going and quickly runs after them.

CJ lies to Mr. Roberts about how smoothly the tour was going, but he tells her that the fifth graders had run back to their own school and called her an evil tour guide.

The next day, CJ begins questioning whether she should raise her hand again after what had happened with the tour. She tells her parents about what had happened with the fifth graders and how she wasn't going to raise her hand anymore, but they tell her that was a bad idea. They explain that so many good things could happen if she raised her hand. Encouraged by her parents, she decides she will continue to raise her hand.

CJ later goes to Mr. Roberts's office and lets him know she would like to show more fifth graders around the school. He tells her that some students have arrived for the tour and she sees that Burt, Gert, and Julio are back.

CJ shows the fifth graders some lockers and they ask to see the inside of one. She opens her locker and they lock her in it before running off again.

CJ gets Fenwick and Crispo to help her wrangle the fifth graders back to the administration office bench. They tell her about how they are scared to enter middle school, so CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo tell them fun things about it. Mr. Roberts escorts them back to their elementary school and before they leave, the three high five Fenwick. He is excited about getting a triple high five and dances around, amusing CJ and Crispo.