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Amy Chu is a student at Pootatuck Middle School. She is portrayed by Vanessa Nicole Howard.



Fenwick says Amy is the prettiest girl in the eighth grade. Amy says she only dates football players.


She clearly cares about her appearance, as she has been shown looking in a mirror and primping. Fenwick says that she is materialistic and has a sense of entitlement.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


Run with the Bears Thing!

When CJ has the courage to talk to her crush, Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy, she is interrupted by Amy and other eighth grade girls. CJ is ready to give up, but Fenwick and Crispo push her to go talk to him, so CJ rushes after the group. She catches up to the eighth graders, but becomes self-conscious in front of them when the girls laugh at her outfit and runs away.

Later, CJ is determined to talk to Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy, but because he is always with his friends, she comes up with a plan to get him alone. While Gorgeous Eighth Grade boy is walking with his friends, Crispo scares some of them, Amy included, away by showing them a snake and following them down the hall with it.

Get Your Heart Pre-Broken Thing!

Fenwick asks Amy out and she turns him down. He believed he was strong enough to take the rejection, but he goes to Mr. Roberts's office to ask why the rejection hurt. When Fenwick is ranting to Amy after being cheered up by Mr. Roberts, she surprises him by agreeing to get a smoothie with him. Dale, Amy's ex-boyfriend, is mad at that Amy dumped him for Fenwick, so Fenwick agrees to help him win her back.



Dale Stubbs

Dale and Amy were dating for an unknown period of time. Amy breaks up with him after agreeing to go on a smoothie date with Fenwick. Dale cries about their break-up and tells Fenwick that Amy was everything to him.

Ty Cartwright

Amy chooses to go on a date with Ty instead of Dale or Fenwick.


  • The name Amy can be seen on Gorgeous Eighth Grade Boy's cast in "Master a Thing Thing!", meaning Amy Chu is most likely the Amy who signed it.


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