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Alfred J. McSorely formerly attended Pootatuck Middle School. His performance at the school earned him an award for most outstanding student in 1982.



It is known that Alfred attended Pootatuck in 1982, but it is unknown from what years he was at the school. While there, he earned the Most Outstanding Student award for his school performance. He also earned a million Pootabucks, which he hid on the school's property.

Episode appearances

Season 1


Become a Millionaire and Give It All Away Thing!

Mr. Roberts talks about the rumor that Alfred had accumulated a million Pootabucks during his time at Pootatuck and hid them somewhere on the school's property. Fenwick and Crispo are excited at the news and look for clues on Alfred's award. Later, CJ and Mr. Roberts join them on the search.


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