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"Adopt a Flour Baby Thing!" is the seventh episode in the first season of 100 Things to Do Before High School. It first aired July 11, 2015 on Nickelodeon.


CJ's mother challenges her to take care of a flour baby in order to prove that she is responsible enough to have a pet.[2]


At the Martin home, CJ's mother is making cookies for Pootatuck's bake sale, and Ronbie is sick. CJ asks her mother for a guinea pig, but her mother tells her no. Mrs. Martin finally budges a little and says that if CJ can take care of a bag of flour for twenty-four hours without destroying it and prove she is responsible, she could get a guinea pig. Crispo also wants a flour baby and when Fenwick says that Crispo's flour wouldn't last five minutes, the two bet on who could take care of it longer. Since Fenwick is allergic to wheat, he gets a bag of Wasabos potato chips instead. CJ's dad joins the challenge as well.

At school the next day, CJ accidentally drops her flour baby, but the fall does not harm it. Mr. Roberts gives CJ tips and advice on how to be responsible and wishes her luck with the challenge. In Mr. Bored's class, Mindy offers to help Crispo take care of his flour baby. Mr. Bored notices Fenwick's bag of Wasabos and remarks on it.

Mr. Martin dropped his flour baby at work and goes back home to clean up before his wife sees. Ronbie thinks of it as cheating, but Mr. Martin says it's just a do-over. He drops the flour baby he had bought and immediately leaves to buy another.

CJ is writing reminders on sticky notes for herself and begins to draw faces on some of the notes to put on her flour baby. She drops the bag again, but it is still unharmed. She asks to borrow a cart from Mr. Roberts to carry the bag on since she keeps dropping it, and he agrees to let her use one. She leaves with it, and just as Roberts is about to leave the front office, Lunch lady Natasha finds him and tells him about the teachers' complaints on the lack of Wasabos. Mr. Bored then remembers that Fenwick has a large bag of the chips, and he, Mr. Bandt, and Coach LeBeau try to get Fenwick to share. Fenwick refuses, however, because he wants to win the bet with Crispo. Crispo, meanwhile, is in the courtyard with Mindy and they are thinking of names for Crispo's flour baby.

CJ walks down the halls with her flour baby on the cart she borrowed. She stops to look at a poster of a guinea pig and when she looks over at the cart, she sees it and her flour baby are missing. She catches sight of someone rolling it down the hall and chases after them. She finds the cart, but her flour baby is still missing, so she searches for it. In her search she finds Fenwick hiding from the teachers. When she asks Crispo if he had seen her flour baby, he offers to help find it, but he and Mindy get into an argument and CJ continues looking on her own.

Mr. Martin returns to his home to get cleaned up again, telling Ronbie he had bought eight more bags of flour. When Mr. Martin starts to feel like a bad father, Ronbie reassures him that he is a great father and tells him he can get another do-over. Feeling better, he picks up another flour baby, but drops it. He tries another do-over, but ends up knocking over multiple bags of flour.

CJ has no luck in finding her flour and goes to class. She looks at another poster with a guinea pig on it and realizes the only person who could have taken her flour is a cafeteria worker. She rushes to the school's kitchen and finds her flour baby. The kitchen is locked, but Natasha is inside, so CJ explains why she needed her bag of flour to be returned. Natasha refuses to give it to her, however, saying she is clearly not responsible enough for a guinea pig.

At her locker, CJ sadly looks at a picture of herself with her flour baby when Fenwick comes by, gives her his bag of Wasabos and hides. CJ hides the bag as the teachers walk down the hall looking for Fenwick and the chips. Crispo and Mindy are in Mr. Roberts's office talking about the problems they are having with each other while trying to raise their flour baby. Roberts helps them come up with a plan on how they can take care of it. Fenwick and Crispo meet up at CJ's locker and learn about CJ's flour baby. They join CJ's plan in getting the flour back, and though they manage to get into the kitchen, they are thrown out by Natasha before they can get the flour baby. Just as Natasha is about to open CJ's flour baby, she finally relents and allows CJ to have the flour back.

In her last class of the day, CJ looks out of the window and sees the teachers had trapped Fenwick in the courtyard and were about to get his chips. She throws her flour baby from the window, which creates a smokescreen effect so Fenwick could get away. Fenwick and Crispo come up with the plan to have CJ pretend Crispo's flour baby is her own so she can get a guinea pig. Mrs. Martin sees through Fenwick and Crispo's lie and CJ tells her the truth. Because of what she did for her friend, Mrs. Martin decides to get her a guinea pig.

At home, CJ is feeding her her new guinea pig. Mrs. Martin tries to take Fenwick's bag of chips and Crispo's flour baby so she can make cookies, but they refuse to let her. Mr. Martin claims to have succeeded in the challenge of keeping his flour baby safe for the day and while doing a victory dance with his flour, he slams it to the ground.


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Mr. Roberts: When it comes to responsibility, give yourself reminders. Alarms on your phone, ask others to help you, and, my old school favorite, put notes everywhere.
CJ: Thanks, Mr. Roberts.
Mr. Roberts: Good luck.
CJ's voiceover: Responsibility is a word you hear a lot in middle school, because it's a time where we're expected to learn how to take care of ourselves.
[Crispo and Mindy are at her locker, where Mindy is putting Crispo into a baby carrier that is holding the flour baby]
Mindy: One snap here and one snap there and super safe flour baby.
Crispo: I don't wanna wear this.
[Mindy starts to reply, but is interrupted by CJ, who rushes up to Crispo]
CJ: Crispo, have you seen my flour baby? It was on the cart, and now it's gone.
Crispo: I'll help you find it.
Mindy: Not with little Elliott you're not. You asked me to help you get through the day with your flour baby intact, and that's what I'm doing.
Crispo: Sorry, Mindy, I wanna help my friend.
Mindy: Oh, so now you're putting your friends in front of the baby?
Crispo: Oh, boy, we're doing this again?
Mindy: Yes, we're doing this again!
Crispo: Oh, boy!
[Crispo and Mindy begin arguing loudly and CJ leaves]
Mr. Martin: I'm a terrible father. I dropped you guys a few times, and I'm sorry. Your mother was right.
Ronbie: Yeah, but you also went to every game and school concert you could. You provide the voice of calm when Mom gets, you know, a little crazy, and you are the most hugging dad in history.
Crispo: She's always telling me what to do, but I don't want to be told what to do anymore. I just want to prove to Fenwick that I'm more responsible than him.
Mindy: We had an arrangement that I would help him take care of his flour baby together! He can't just cut me out!
Crispo: It's not even yours!
Mindy: [gasps]
Mr. Roberts: Okay, guys, we realize we're talking about a bag of flour?
Crispo: My bag of flour.
Mindy: I'm the one who named him Elliott.
Crispo: Well, I just changed his name to Not Elliott.
Mindy: That's a horrible name!
Mr. Roberts: Okay, well, uh, Christian, it was very nice of Mindy to help you and it looks like your bag of crushed ground wheat is well taken care of, so - I can't believe I'm doing this - why don't you take the bag of crushed wheat during the week, and Mindy can have it during the weekends or until one of you drops it.
Crispo: Okay, I'm fine with that.
Mindy: Do we sign some sort of custody agreement?
Mr. Roberts: Why not?
Crispo: [after CJ throws her flour baby into the courtyard from a second floor window] What was that?
Fenwick: I think CJ just saved me. [holds up part of CJ's flour baby]
CJ: [coming down the stairs] Well, I couldn't just stand there and watch.
Mrs. Martin: You threw your baby out a window?
CJ: Oh, yeah.
Fenwick: But she saved Chip.
[CJ looks down sadly]
Mrs. Martin: Well, if you're that good at taking care of your friends, I guess you'll be even better at taking care of Bixby the Wonder Pig. [CJ smiles happily] Man, I love that smile.
CJ's voice-over: In middle school, responsibility basically means it's up to us now, like remembering things, finishing homework, and taking care of wonder pigs. So if you want to prove to people that you're responsible, find your own flour baby and show them you can do it.


Cultural references

  • There is a picture of President Barack Obama in the front office.


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  2. Adopt a Flour Baby Thing!