These are the 100 Things To Do Before High School Wiki's article and editing policies. This page was created to make sure that editing is done correctly and will aid the wiki so information can be obtained easily.

Article and editing policies

  1. If you are creating a page you are not sure is beneficial to the wiki, ask an admin.
    1. You may find the list of administrators under the Community tab of the wiki navigation, which is the bar at the top of the page.
  2. Make sure you are not creating a page that is identical to an already existing article on the wiki.
  3. If you believe a page should be renamed, do not go ahead and rename it yourself. Instead, go to the administrator noticeboard and state your reason as to why the page should be renamed.
  4. When editing a page, please use correct grammar and spelling. If you believe your grammar and spelling may be wrong, leave a note in the edit summary so someone else can edit it.
  5. Notify an admin if you see anything that violates the wiki's rules and policies.
  6. Please make sure to add a reference to information you add to a page so others can easily fact check it. Failure to do so may result in the information that was added being deleted. Look over the Referencing section below for more on this topic. If a user continually does this, especially after a warning, they may be blocked.

Unacceptable editing

  1. Removing content with no valid reason will not be condoned.
  2. Adding irrelevant information will not be condoned.
  3. Do not make unnecessary edits for the sake of points or badges.


As stated above, please make sure to add a reference to information you add to a page so others can easily fact check it. If you add any suspicious information without a source, an admin will ask that you add a source or your information will be deleted.

If you do not understand something about adding a reference, please ask an admin.

In order to reference an outside source, use the {{Ref}} template. Copy and paste this code:

|link =
|name = 
|notes = }}
  • In the link section, add the link of the website you found your information.
  • In the name section, name the reference. This will usually be the name of the article.
  • The notes section is optional, but you may put the date of when you accessed the article you are referencing.

Suggestions for editing

  1. Follow the layout guide.
  2. Use proper grammar and spelling.
  3. Make sure to add factual information.
  4. Make sure to add a reference to information you may have gotten from an outside website or source.
  5. Add an edit summary. This makes it easier for users to see what you added or deleted from a page.
  6. Preview your edit before publishing in order to see how your edit will look. This also helps in cutting down on reediting after finding a mistake.
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